5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras in 2019

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👉5 - Kasa Cam Outdoor Security Camera - amzn.to/2WPCCY3
👉4 - Blink XT Home Security Camera System - amzn.to/2Ia2uJZ
👉3 - Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera - amzn.to/2HVXVne
👉2 - Nest Outdoor Security Camera - amzn.to/2HVL2ts
👉1 - Arlo Pro 2 - amzn.to/2WInDim
We have just laid out the best five outdoor security cameras on the market right now. In 5th place is the Kasa Cam Outdoor Security Camera, which offers a crystal clear live video feed and 2-way audio for communicating with people at your door. In 4th place is the Blink XT Home Security System, which has a weatherproof design and a very effective motion sensor. In 3rd place is the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera, which comes with a siren, LED lights and Live View.
In 2nd place is the Nest Outdoor Security Camera, which works with Alexa and uses infrared technology for a clear video feed day or night. In 1st place we have the Arlo Pro 2, which is easy to set up and offers sharp video quality. It also has 2-way audio and uses rechargeable batteries for wireless functionality.
If you are looking for the best outdoor security camera, these five options are definitely worth exploring.

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  • Pro: Hard wired so power is always available. Also Pro: Wireless so you dont have to deal with annoying wires. Which is it?

    D StanD Stan8 days ago
  • Why do you waste our time? No evaluation of capabilities and extra costs.

    ShalmaneserShalmaneser9 days ago
  • Sam's club has a system for $250, with 8 cameras.

    Abe LincolnAbe Lincoln17 days ago
  • Blink xt battery life lasts 2months not 2 years, Now the good part about it you can plug the camera to an adapter and use power but batteries suck.

    Remi KosovaRemi Kosova18 days ago
  • what if your wifi is down?

    Dale LatinoDale Latino18 days ago
  • I just find it so annoying that we have to pay extra monthly payment for cloud.... about to use my dash cam for home security cameras where it’s fucking free

    Lion Sin EscanorLion Sin Escanor18 days ago
  • Arlo ultra is really good system!

    Central Florida LawncareCentral Florida Lawncare23 days ago
  • Have you done reviews on NVR POE systems, please share the link

    bmw325iabmw325ia28 days ago
  • If you would talk a little slower we might be able to absorb what the hell you’re saying

    Blind LuckBlind Luck28 days ago
  • Absolute garbage video produced to generate Ibofivofal revenue, not tp be informative.

    AnthonyAnthony29 days ago
  • Do not use wireless..........unreliable.....get 4k and Hikvision is the best.....and doesn't require monthly fee.....

    Tim JonesTim JonesMonth ago
    • I guess that depends on whose wireless system one is using. You are better off, depending on your needs, with a system that has multiple cameras, NVR, and phone app. Wireless is a quicker setup. And, as far as being unreliable. Not so. It maybe slower as far as signal strength, but house layout and obstructions need to be factored in. My .02

      0doubled seven0doubled seven29 days ago
  • “Hours of research” wow. I know “experts” that have done cameras for over a decade and don’t know what they are doing. Terrible irresponsible video. Not even close. Just terrible

    Jose PerezJose PerezMonth ago
  • I watched until you said that the Ring camera is "easy to set up". Ring have the most user unfriendly process for setting up their products and they have acknowledged the fact that connection is bad by adding a jpg image to make it look like it's trying to connect when in fact the device has already given up.

    KevyD77KevyD77Month ago
  • Nice Video on best video security cams of 2019. I have been looking for a good night vision camera with zoom that will capture license plates of vehicles entering my driveway 24 x 7 within a range of 25 to 100 ft from my garage door in front of the house. I have been told that the motorized zoom lenses, especially at night are way too slow and I would be better to buy a manual zoom (5 - 50 mm) with a large distance focus range and then set up very specific smaller area within the video image capture area for a motion trigger but only in that target area. My other problem is that my only internet worth talking about is verizon wireless and they make it almost impossible to use an NVR that requires a static IP address as they dont want customers jamming up the wireless network with their own servers. What about these cameras that can detect motion and take a series of snapshots that can be up loaded to cloud service and send you an email based upon if camera has been activated?

    Stanford RosenblattStanford RosenblattMonth ago
  • Very Sad. Truman Show World. Never used to be this bad. George Orwell 1984. I can't even go for a walk in the forest without being monitored.

    Absolute Plumbing & HeatingAbsolute Plumbing & HeatingMonth ago
  • I feel bad for people who watch this video and consider the review when buying their own own cameras. The review contradicts himself when reviewing battery operated cameras vs harwired(locally powered) cameras. There was so much left out and so much incorrect info I'd be here all day if I played it out. To make a long story short, terrible review.

    Brian PompaBrian PompaMonth ago
  • Pro !! Weather proof 😂 who'd of thought a outdoor camera would be weather proof 😉

    BogeybeanBogeybeanMonth ago
  • UTTER DRIBBLE,Cheap Chinese Junk,wireless system charge lasts about 2 days,Easily hacked. Hard wired systems that record to a hard drive independent of any telco with battery back up & tv monitoring are best.

    Eddie DulkoEddie Dulko2 months ago
  • No mention about eufy cam ?!!

    kuldeep derkuldeep der2 months ago
  • I'm sorry to tell you but all these cameras suck and this video

    WEBWEB2 months ago
  • all these are trash

    MetubeMetube2 months ago
  • ALL those cameras SUCK, big time!

    Alex DiamantopuloAlex Diamantopulo2 months ago
  • I would use one of these to keep an eye on my barn as sort of a "pet cam". I have been using the app called Alfred security system for the past year. Problem is my barn has a hard time getting any Wi-Fi signal and the app needs a strong Wi-Fi signal from both phones to get a picture.

    SoniKwolf1498SoniKwolf14982 months ago
  • Arlo not the best! ipcctv is the only way to go

    Had It AllHad It All2 months ago
  • all those cameras have one MAJOR design flaw that instantly disqualifies them: they are wireless. that opens them up to all kinds of issues, like sniffing, denial of service and others. plus most of them are battery-powered. batteries have a tendency to run out just when they are needed most. i mean, a 2-year battery life sounds good, but you don't expect me to believe that that camera can transmit 720p video over wifi using 2 AA batteries for 2 years, do you? no way that's gonna last even 2 weeks, let alone 2 years. so whats next, you try to sell me the brooklyn bridge? plus, i would not even think about buying a security camera that stores video in the cloud.

    Harry MHarry M2 months ago
    • The Nest is not wireless

      theoneandonlykkktheoneandonlykkk2 months ago
  • I'm sorry ( I'm not ) . This channel is full of shit . Jump over to wyze cam v2 reviews and you will see why . Like I said , this channel is full of shit

    pieter van der waltpieter van der walt3 months ago
  • dont get a Ring thats sucks

    frits duwelfrits duwel3 months ago
  • Can I integrate my security cam to my remote control flamethrower for incinerating porch pirates ????

    Donald MartinDonald Martin3 months ago
  • After watching the end of this video I know the Arlo pro 2 is completely garbage

    Hamit FushaHamit Fusha3 months ago
  • advert Arslo.....

    julianjulian3 months ago