Ace of space 2 house from inside and outside off camera | part 2 |




  • Krisman is so cute

    Khushi RayKhushi Ray6 days ago
  • He entered the house when they r practicing for finale... When the show was going he has not entered the house..

    Anupama DasAnupama Das12 days ago
  • Mastermind house par what seriously he say that he don't go to the house 👎fake show maan

    anjali kcanjali kc15 days ago
  • Ye kya mastermind inside gye ye to scripted he kya

    Jagroop SinghJagroop Singh15 days ago
  • Salman is so cute

    Afreen ParweenAfreen Parween16 days ago
  • Salman soooooo cute 😍

    Nilufa SkNilufa Sk16 days ago
  • Looking so cute Salman ❤️❤️

    Pema BhutiaPema Bhutia17 days ago
  • Salman sleeping so cute 😍😍😍

    Angam WangsaAngam Wangsa18 days ago