ASMR Outside Camera Adjusting (Part 2)

You guys liked the first one, so here’s another outside camera sounds & Adjusting video. Enjoy!!




  • (ASMR Outside Camera Adjusting (Part 2) - Randomly Does a rock collection

    ZeekDoo IsMyWaterZeekDoo IsMyWater6 days ago
  • I like how calm this is. Some people move to fast and fiddgety and tapping stuff to fast in asmr videoes. This just seems like someone chilling outside.

    SunFlower LykketrollSunFlower Lykketroll3 months ago
  • OH MY GOD YES!!!!

    PlacidoPenitentePlacidoPenitente6 months ago
    • PlacidoPenitente haha, glad you enjoyed!

      GoodASMRvibesGoodASMRvibes6 months ago
  • The rocks somehow really make this more visually relaxing, thanks for this 😴

    WTCWTC6 months ago
    • So glad you liked it!!

      GoodASMRvibesGoodASMRvibes6 months ago
  • Best thing is that you are in the focus, my favorite trigger

    Anders NielsenAnders Nielsen6 months ago
    • Anders Nielsen Camera Sounds are my fav, too.

      GoodASMRvibesGoodASMRvibes6 months ago