Best Outdoor Security Cameras in 2019 | Keep Your Home Safe!

► Links to the outdoor security cameras we listed today:
► 5. Reolink RLC-410-5MP -
► 4. Canary Flex -
► 3. Nest Cam Outdoor -
► 2. Arlo Pro 2 -
► 1. Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 -
►UK Links◄
► 5. Reolink RLC-410-5MP -
► 4. Canary Flex -
► 3. Nest Cam Outdoor -
► 2. Arlo Pro 2 -
► 1. Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 -
►GER & EU Links◄
► 5. Reolink RLC-410-5MP -
► 4. Canary Flex -
► 3. Nest Cam Outdoor -
► 2. Arlo Pro 2 -
► 1. Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 -
Having a security camera in your house is very important if you want to have peace of mind while you are outside. There are some great options in the market, and that's why I decided to make this video. I made this list based on my opinion, and I listed them based on their price, quality, durability, and reliability. If you have any other recommendations, please leave a comment below!
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  • ► Links to the outdoor security cameras we listed today: ► 5. Reolink RLC-410-5MP - ► 4. Canary Flex - ► 3. Nest Cam Outdoor - ► 2. Arlo Pro 2 - ► 1. Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 - ------------------------------------- ►UK Links◄ ► 5. Reolink RLC-410-5MP - ► 4. Canary Flex - ► 3. Nest Cam Outdoor - ► 2. Arlo Pro 2 - ► 1. Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 - ------------------------------------- ►GER & EU Links◄ ► 5. Reolink RLC-410-5MP - ► 4. Canary Flex - ► 3. Nest Cam Outdoor - ► 2. Arlo Pro 2 - ► 1. Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 -

    10BestOnes10BestOnes8 months ago
  • I run 3 UniFi G3's at home 2 Domes and 1 Bullet and have installed a few for clients as well. Very impressed with the cameras I recently got the CloudKey Gen 2 Plus to try and cut back on power usage as a dedicated machine was costing heaps to run and well with that the Gen2 Plus is a great product and is a lot better than the UniFi Video Software tbh at this stage. I'll be adding more cameras to the mix soon

    James GJames G5 days ago
  • my video camera is not showing history event

    Geneva GrayGeneva GrayMonth ago
  • RING didnt make the list?

    Checkers LaneCheckers LaneMonth ago
  • Everyone needs to check out this video before you buy one. Let your loved ones know also. Beware of what you buy and the passwords you put anything wifi

    lookitsandrewlookitsandrew2 months ago
  • does the Reolink work with Alexa?

    Isgak BRFCIsgak BRFC2 months ago
  • Im looking for a small camera thats to go above my apartment door that records onto my computer or onto a dvr, any suggestions?

    PortuguesePirate99PortuguesePirate994 months ago
    • Try a webcam?

      TeamEPICvTeamEPICv4 months ago
  • Which of these have subscription?

    aschesiegenaschesiegen6 months ago
    • Nest Protect you need a subscription to enable cloud recording to be saved it usually comes with 30 days trial. I am thinking of getting one of them but then again I am running a Ubiquiti setup and have been very happy same as clients I have installed them for. According to the Google Nest Store page you need a subscription for the AI Detection "Get alerts that matter. When you subscribe to Nest Aware, advanced cloud algorithms pick out the activity you care about."

      James GJames G5 days ago
  • Unfortanatly there is many issues with Unifi G3 and micros, the cams has to much issues like stop recording etc,.... not to forget other product and the app crashes all the time, you can check in google and how many people there complaining about everything the cam, app, wifi and the customer support who not responding ...

    Dj BahrainDj Bahrain6 months ago
  • Who else is here cause they live in a shitty neighborhood full of crime and ratchetness?

    MALI FitnessMALI Fitness7 months ago
  • The biggest question not sure that you answered. Battery life of the Arlo Pro 2?

    Petak ZametakPetak Zametak8 months ago
  • Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 is pretty good it has good performance and 1080p Full HD, 30 FPS support

    Meena PatelMeena Patel8 months ago
  • Canary Flex is what I need. The price is ok, and the real question is can i install it myself or do I have to hire a service guy for it (+ additional cost)? Does anyone have experience with installation?

    Veliki MushaVeliki Musha8 months ago
  • Reolink RLC-410-5MP is good for my budget, great review btw!

    Nektarios TsintzilonisNektarios Tsintzilonis8 months ago
  • Very Useful video for me, as I am looked to fix cam in my Home. Nothing looks better than Nest Cam Outdoor

    Sathish kumar pSathish kumar p8 months ago
  • I think sometimes simple functions are ideal that's why I simply liked the Canary Flex, mainly for its HD Video, Day & Night - Wide-angle lens, auto night vision with image pan and zoom

    Trish MaineTrish Maine8 months ago
  • Been looking for some good outdoor cameras and this video is perfect, thanks

    Tony LarsTony Lars8 months ago
  • I am in the process of renovating my home and have been browsing for new security cameras and was happy to find you made a video on it. Nest Cam Outdoor seems the one hat I'm going to buy, loved its features and it looks really awesome. Thanks for sharing his helpful video.

    Sukriti MehraSukriti Mehra8 months ago
  • I would definitely go with Cam Outdoor, as per my opinion its the most reliable security depending upon its featues like camera quality, user friendly and durability

    peter Raypeter Ray8 months ago
  • You just made the difference between product number 3 and number 5 but I think number 3 and more effective compared to other prodect

    elomari taherelomari taher8 months ago
  • Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3 is the only video camera in Ubiquiti's lineup that does not have an Ethernet port, but instead, supports Wi-Fi.

    Koray KhatusianKoray Khatusian8 months ago
  • Thanks, this is the best review I've seen. I really appreciate your work. This must take a lot of time - time well spent from my view point.

    Ramesh UVRamesh UV8 months ago
  • After having the Canary Flex for about a week, I've been very impressed with the quality of the video captured. The Canary Flex was able to quickly adjust to various lighting conditions to provide the best image.

    Peter LucicPeter Lucic8 months ago
  • Simple is usually the best, so Reolink RLC-410-5MP is the best solution for my entrance and backyard.

    John WolferJohn Wolfer8 months ago
  • Arlo pro 2 is awesome! I have a 10 acre farmstead and with just two bases cover my property!

    Aki joAki jo8 months ago
  • Good review, the only camera i have experience with is Reolink RLC-410-5MP. Thanks for the review.

    Karim BenzinKarim Benzin8 months ago
  • I am not ready to spend more than 200$ on two cameras so Reolink is my choice.

    Lana ArangaLana Aranga8 months ago
  • i was looking for an outdoor camera and the Reolink seems very nice, thanks for the review!

    the moothe moo8 months ago
    • Very good!

      Jose RiveroJose Rivero8 months ago