Blink XT Video Outside Camera Test During the Day and Night - Live Test

Blink XT Video Outside Camera Test During the Day and Night. Video capture at night and during the day so you can see the performance in the different lighting.
I would say these are perfect during the day at night depending how high the camera is positioned this could require an outside light to boost performance. This video shows the performance in pitch black night time and with small LCD solar lights which help greatly the performance.
My battery lasted 3 months with high amount of alerts, my other camera has been going a year and still has good battery life.
I now have 3 camera's which are excellent and in the back garden I have placed a new light behind the blink as the camera is really high up on the house.
Perfect camera's and they only take 5 minutes to install. Battery life is good.
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  • You can purchase an IR night light that works of the mains and will light up to 20 feet so your camera will see everything with infrared and they are cheap

    Bob WarehamBob Wareham6 days ago
    • Thanks I have one now so it’s all good appreciate the tips thanks 😊

      Zachary Toys and FunZachary Toys and Fun3 days ago
  • *>>>**** Great cameras for surveillance. Detects motion as described and does not record when sunlight changes in the room. Setup is very easy by following the manual. Was able to use the provided brackets to mount inside the house and get the angle desired for viewing. App is very useful and notifies any recording and start/stop of motion detection schedule. Settings for recordings are flexible such as length of recordings and motion sensitivity.*

    Дария БажаеваДария БажаеваYear ago