Caught On Camera: Woman Goes On Racist Tirade Outside Eagle Rock CVS

A woman was caught on camera using racist and hateful language outside of a CVS Pharmacy in Eagle Rock.




  • I think she's disturbed or frustrated. No one should be talking this way. btw have you heard some of these black rappers songs? They pretty much blurt out the same things, over and over again and they're paid for these songs, lyrics? The black community would do itself a favor if it could get these particular musicians to stop talking about N getting killed or killing N with or without the A.

    Marie 7Marie 72 days ago
  • She's Amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩😍😍

    Steven SmithSteven Smith12 days ago
  • The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that hate speech is legally protected free speech under the First Amendment.

    Mot MinuteMot Minute13 days ago
  • Go to a mental hospital show your self.

    Sam MaliSam MaliMonth ago
  • The Left on full display here!

    Music4TheSoulMusic4TheSoulMonth ago
  • Thought she was still on 4chan

    518149514801518149514801Month ago
  • Its citizens like this who still defend the prez

    Eric REric RMonth ago
  • That's not racism.... that's a full on psychopath!!!

    Tessa marieTessa marieMonth ago
  • So was the man that was surprised to see it, happy it happened? lol. He has a smurk on his face 😂

    Vernon's BlogVernon's BlogMonth ago
  • Yet black people are surprised by white people actions the one and only thing that white people invented is racism but refuse to take credit for all white people are racist 😒

    Mr. ScorpioMr. ScorpioMonth ago
  • Wow..i mean, the hatred is REAL - Why tho?..

    jaytolbert9jaytolbert9Month ago
  • Who she wants to kill???

    Rick RojasRick RojasMonth ago
  • The amount of people defending this lady is making my brain cells die

    Youtube AltAccountYoutube AltAccountMonth ago
    • She right

      CALI 420CALI 420Month ago
  • The guy said, “we have all type of minorities here.” Does he know what the word minority means?

    Brazen BullBrazen BullMonth ago
    • Brazen Bull uhhh it means the minority like in math .or not the majority??? Lmao

      JCpwngeJCpwnge10 days ago
  • People need to be more Tolerant; this woman is just mad.

    Deutschland VaterlandDeutschland VaterlandMonth ago
    • Is she being tolerant!? 🙄🙄🙄 There’s a lot of mad people in the word, who have legitimate reasons to be mad..... they don’t scream racist slurs, and obscenities to other people! People are always making excuses for bullshit!

      Kayla McgovernKayla McgovernMonth ago
  • When you drink the Koolaid

  • The jump took me out 🤣🤣

    Nicole LollipopsNicole LollipopsMonth ago
  • When she finds out your cheating

    * KISSES** KISSES*Month ago
  • 1:25 Why does he seem excited? Found a new recruit for your secret club? Lol 😂

    NC StylesNC StylesMonth ago
  • Sick Sick Sick people.

    NC StylesNC StylesMonth ago
  • If it was against JEWS she would have been arrested and jailed immediately...

    RonRonMonth ago
  • I live very close to that CVS, I am shocked and disgusted because we are a diverse community.

    Vanquish MediaVanquish MediaMonth ago
    • Vanquish Media I live in Eagle Rock and I’m not really surprised that this woman from Mt Washington is a full on psychopathic racist.

      Go Guerilla FotoGo Guerilla Foto11 days ago
  • *Hillary off her meds again*

    Jeremiah GriffithJeremiah GriffithMonth ago
  • This is so funny

    itsixvyitsixvyMonth ago
  • Come on SHOCKED PLEASE..........

    Kim SanfordKim SanfordMonth ago
  • Why is it that other races want to be around white people so bad when they know white people don't like them? Hmmm... 😓 I hope that question doesn't make me a domestic terrorist.

    Whitey MamasanWhitey MamasanMonth ago
  • She's obviously insane. What a nutcase.

    AmericanMadeAmericanMade2 months ago
  • That lady's brain is gone.

    AmericanMadeAmericanMade2 months ago
    • Nope she woke up

      CALI 420CALI 420Month ago
  • That person is a hero😪

    Devin GodfreyDevin Godfrey2 months ago
  • Its 2019 and honestly I really believed that nobody was racist anymore so this makes me sick,

    Bruh ChillBruh Chill2 months ago