Caught On Camera: Businessman Shot Dead Outside Mill In Punjab

In a brazen display of the power of the gun, a man was allegedly murdered in broad daylight in Punjab's Faridkot. A local industrialist, Ravindra Pappu Kochar, was yesterday shot dead outside his mill by an unidentified man who is said to be a member of a local gang in Jaito town of Faridkot district, police said. (Disclaimer: Content in this video could be disturbing for viewers.)
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  • this in iraq

    Mesar AlbujeyashMesar Albujeyash3 days ago
  • Criminal has just broken a right side front glass by shooting it with Deshi tamancha

    Manasa RaulManasa Raul4 days ago
  • FAKE

    Patti FahlingPatti Fahling8 days ago
  • This footage is real or fake I think it’s real

    12 Go12 Go9 days ago
  • Lol

    Ragnar The RedRagnar The Red19 days ago
  • 😒😒😭prem mohabhat se rahoo main dekhta ho dukh hota hai

    Sukhi singhSukhi singhMonth ago
  • guy on bike - "Another normal day in punjab."

    good boygood boyMonth ago
  • This is what happens when you drive in the passing lane at the speed limit and dont move back over.

    Mo_nificientMo_nificientMonth ago
  • Real pro

    Wayne ForbesWayne ForbesMonth ago
  • Clean and neat.

    Wayne ForbesWayne ForbesMonth ago
  • Notice how every indian shooter jams his gun... hilarious

    LynnixxLynnixxMonth ago
  • Punjab’d

    Matt WalkerMatt Walker2 months ago
  • Everytime theres one of these shooting murders on cctv from india, how come the killers gun always jams and they stand there trying to chamber another round. Talk about indias dumbest criminals.

    lilmacc 19lilmacc 192 months ago
  • Road rage, India style

    D90GirlD90Girl2 months ago
  • Indian people is so wicked and heartless look at that man he didn't call police he just pass

    Danny BestDanny Best2 months ago
  • Its honestly sad the amount of people that think this is fake and that the guy in the car broke the window. The guy in the car CLEARLY was trying to block the window with his feet. But when the guy shot the window, breaking it, his foot which has no foothold anymore shoves out the window. Its not fucking rocket science.

    Pablo EksuhbarPablo Eksuhbar2 months ago
  • Cup of coffee vs 5 shots

    James BongsJames Bongs2 months ago
  • Texas has the least gun control in the USA and the least amount of gun violence. Illinois, more specifically Chicago, has the strictest and yet the highest gun violence. You do the math. A fork can be a deadly weapon, let’s ban utensils?

    Michael RodriguezMichael Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Am I the only one who so they guy on the bike heishsvsisjs

    Ray HRay H2 months ago
  • Only stupid people will believe this is real the dude that supposably got shot broke the fucken window about half sec too early lol what a epic fail nice try

    alex vargasalex vargas3 months ago
  • That's not a window breaking. That's the gunman shooting the driver in the face/head ,&& blood splashing out the car window. whom is driving on the opposite side like the gunman's driver..

    Tina GlennTina Glenn3 months ago
  • The guy on the bike probably like β€œanother day another gun shot eh who cares”

    Certic UprisingCertic Uprising3 months ago
  • Good for him.

    Cosmics ConsciousCosmics Conscious3 months ago
  • the shooters now live in Cana da on welfare

    David O'HaraDavid O'Hara3 months ago
    • How do you know

      nikhil jainnikhil jain2 months ago
  • He was just playing

    Mrsolodolo83Mrsolodolo833 months ago
  • I love how he goes to his car and then returns just to shoot him and make sure he's dead. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

    DogeDoge3 months ago
  • Soo y'all ain't see the driver break the glass

  • passenger shoots at biker as well...look in the windshield when he passes by...

    Twinny AteTwinny Ate3 months ago
  • Thank god there's a billion of them.

    394pjo394pjo3 months ago
    • Population in Punjab is far from a billion πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

      Ibrahim JavedIbrahim Javed3 months ago
  • kkkkkk the guy on the bike must have been high on coke or something heavy..

    kudzai nyagatokudzai nyagato3 months ago
    • kudzai nyagato you obvi know nothing about drugs lol a cokehead would pull over and start talking to them about his favorite movie scenes. Coke isnt heavy lol heroin is heavy, coke is a stimulant not a sedative lol

      BACNandEGGSBACNandEGGSMonth ago