Civic Turbo - InCar/Outside Camera - Low Boost - 11.21@131

Turbo Civic 11.21@131 - Shake Down Pass/19PSI - InCar Camera and Exterior Camera - Same Run - BRMS




  • Did you/he do 1, 2, 4th gear or 2, 3, 4th? Judging from the rev drop at 1:16, I'd say the latest, but I could be wrong.

    JayMark2049JayMark20495 years ago
  • What engine is it?

    LetisLetis7 years ago
  • "low boost" ... 131mph trap speed. I love it.

    Steven WillmySteven Willmy8 years ago
  • Where can I find that mount for the gauges ?

    hks071hks0718 years ago
  • @maxredgizmo Yeah, no it's not. And your anecdotal evidence doesn't prove anything.

    Axel ChazulleAxel Chazulle8 years ago
  • @maxredgizmo Nope. No, it's not.

    Axel ChazulleAxel Chazulle8 years ago
  • @1:03 that tach is two steppin like a muhhfucker

    Kane RobertsKane Roberts8 years ago
  • what engine is this?

    Twisted_717Twisted_7178 years ago
  • @1998620Miki Rev limiter. Also, it couldn't physically keep up.

    Axel ChazulleAxel Chazulle8 years ago
  • Sounds fucking BEASTLY!

    Axel ChazulleAxel Chazulle8 years ago
  • WTF is with the RPM meter?

    Braco 998Braco 9988 years ago
  • lol the tach was twackin out

    hondanitroushazardhondanitroushazard8 years ago
  • nice only 3 gears :P

    DJVADO17DJVADO179 years ago
  • mother f... you finished in third gear, awesome,

    Giova2774Giova27749 years ago
  • hahaha your english is terrible i feel 10x dumber just trying to read that shit!

    1badneonrt1badneonrt10 years ago
  • ok .... i not spik english sow OK bye

    Fabio VianaFabio Viana10 years ago
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    Sam .PSam .P10 years ago
  • IS SHIT!

    Sam .PSam .P10 years ago
  • is this the blue ridge from NC ??

    Mike YangMike Yang10 years ago
  • low boost?!

    TougeTracerTougeTracer10 years ago

    Fabio VianaFabio Viana10 years ago
  • wow ditch the LS tranny fella's

    TurboGSR96TurboGSR9611 years ago
  • im trapping 127 in my car it my best et is 10.82 you got to ditch the ls trans

    herrerrera herrerreraherrerrera herrerrera11 years ago
  • +1 limiter is defintely your friend in FWD

    Will WardWill Ward11 years ago
  • +1 limiter is definitely your friend

    Will WardWill Ward11 years ago
  • is that car LS geared? they are really long. ideally you want to be at your peak power in 4th going through the traps.

    EuphoricaEuphorica12 years ago
  • i love all the uneducated saying to stay off the limiter...ya ok, ever driven a high powered fwd car before? limiter is your friend ;) shift right away and bog(as already mentioned)

    EuphoricaEuphorica12 years ago
  • Without tagging the rev limiter, you'll run a 10..Cool vid.

    John RobertJohn Robert12 years ago