Doorbell camera spots 'GHOST' outside house!

Meni Pitoscia, 46, captured the footage with her motion-activated doorbell camera while waiting for a parcel to be delivered in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. It shows a translucent presence emerging from a bench on the left, crossing in front of the camera, and then passing out of view on the right. Mrs Pitoscia said: 'My dog started barking and ran towards the door. I was awaiting a package so I figured it was the courier approaching the door.' She added that most people think the clip shows paranormal activity.
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  • Quite scary

    chris djchris dj3 months ago
  • It looks like a wing from a moth that’s walking underneath the lens

    ShinePrettyShinePretty4 months ago
  • Looks like a head of a object or ghost on far end of roof peeking his head upside down towards other ghost image caught on camera or maybe light reflections only.

    Larry HjerpeLarry Hjerpe4 months ago
    • The thing hanging from the roof is a Decoy wasp nest. It was just flying in the Wind. The image that I was curious about was the one right in front of the lens. This was unedited video. I didn't know what it was, that's why I posted it, to see what my friends thought. I'm hearing so many thoughts and opinions, it's actually really interesting to see everyone perception. Thank you for the comment!

      Meni PitosciaMeni PitosciaMonth ago
  • Wing of a bug

    Suzy the CockatooSuzy the Cockatoo4 months ago
  • Pollen or dust, bro

    V WartherV Warther5 months ago
  • It reminds me of a fly's wing, so perhaps it's just an insect just below the lens.

    terratec1001terratec10015 months ago
    • It could be anything. I posted it just to get my friends perspectives. It was cool to watch. The only thing about the possibility of it being a bug was that the weather was really cold. This happened in November. Not very many bugs around in November, Canadian weather

      Meni PitosciaMeni Pitoscia5 months ago
  • *100% a ghost*

    Gamer ZeZeGamer ZeZe7 months ago
  • Personally, I'd like to think that stealth camouflage technology has advanced such a degree as to be able to make the wearer completely transparent and this was just a government op wearing a classified stealth suit who just happened to get caught by some random dude's motion activated camera.

    RogalDorn23RogalDorn2310 months ago
    • LMFAO!!!! hilarious!!!

      Meni PitosciaMeni Pitoscia9 months ago
  • рукой провёл перед объективом и что

    1 Международный телеканал1 Международный телеканал10 months ago

    Алексей ГайнулинАлексей Гайнулин11 months ago
  • англосаксы тупые жесть, это ухо собаки .чмошники

    Гексли 07Гексли 0711 months ago
  • это крыло МУХИ БЛЯТЬ

    Алексей БрыкаловАлексей Брыкалов11 months ago
  • Комбинированные съёмки называется!))

    AL BoAL BoYear ago
  • Женщина провела мимо объектива камеры чем-то, фокусное расстояние не позволяет рассмотреть, что это !). Абсолютно обычное явление. Поставьте телефон снимать улицу и проведите в 2-3см у объектива, например, спичкой. Просмотрите результат. Ужаснитесь!)))

    AL BoAL BoYear ago

  • In the news there was written that the dog was barking and that the motion detector was activated, SO HOW CAN IT BE JUST AN INSECT?? Unbeliever!

    Anna MarieAnna MarieYear ago
    • Yes the dog barked before I received the text notification

      Meni PitosciaMeni PitosciaYear ago
  • Hahahah what the trash, daamn

    Vitaliy OrlovskyVitaliy OrlovskyYear ago
  • От себя могу сказать, что иногда бывали случаи, что где-то идешь и вроде показалась фигура человека, поворачиваешься чтобы разглядеть, а там уже ничего нет... И такое бывает со многими людьми, а потом говорят, что померещилось, а оно вон как бывает - буквально пару секунд... From myself I can say that sometimes there were cases that you were going somewhere and a human figure seemed to appear, you turn around to make out, and there is nothing there already ... And this happens with many people, and then they say that it is imagined, but it’s as it happens - just a couple of seconds ...

    Dark LordDark LordYear ago
  • You paid money for that?????

    Nathan BellNathan BellYear ago
    • No money was paid. It was just a video I shared that went viral.

      Meni PitosciaMeni PitosciaYear ago
  • это крыло мухи, заметно кведь. будоражите народ только

    orlandoorlandoYear ago
  • ваааааууу, крыло жука у нас терь призраком называется

    Lem LLem LYear ago
  • Ghosts don't have shadows...

    Игорь ПупкинИгорь ПупкинYear ago
    • you're right, ghost don't have shadows. Where do you see a shadow?

      Meni PitosciaMeni Pitoscia7 months ago
  • на хуйню похожа

    cupermen lotcupermen lotYear ago
  • 🤐⁦🇨🇦⁩👻

    ٍِSaeed AlghamdiٍِSaeed AlghamdiYear ago
  • اكو عرب بلطياره 😂😭

    Ali AfrawyAli AfrawyYear ago
    • @محمد عسيري هلا بيك ورده

      Ali AfrawyAli AfrawyYear ago
    • انا

      محمد عسيريمحمد عسيريYear ago
  • У меня в 50 метрах от дома стоят баки с мусором... как только появляется ветер как на этом видио - так начинают летать полупрозрачные приведения... в сильный ветер все соседние кусты в этих монстрах))) At me in 50 meters from the house there are tanks with garbage... as soon as there is wind on this video - so start flying translucent cast... in a strong wind all the nearby bushes in these monsters)))

    Владимир ШумничВладимир ШумничYear ago
  • Дефекты объективов пытаются выдать всегда за сенсацию.

    Санчо ГрибникСанчо ГрибникYear ago
  • idiots...

    AndersonAndersonYear ago
    • we'll see...

      Anna MarieAnna MarieYear ago
  • Looks like a wing of an insect

  • Insect wing tip, close to the lens.

    Lou LopezLou LopezYear ago