Easily Mount Blink XT Camera's Outside

Trick Mounting Blink XT Camera's Outside




  • ALWAYS great info. Thank you sir

    John DraugelisJohn Draugelis23 days ago
  • Will the paint come off if you remove it? I live in an apartment and want to install Blink on the wall atop the door.

    LynnLynn3 months ago
    • Just a little soap and water and a brush and it comes off. Enjoy!

      MrNORE14MrNORE143 months ago
  • Just found this. Much neater. And it's cheaper than the glue. www.amazon.com/dp/B07CNXZVFC/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=lifehackster1-20&linkId=4a477103ad29c09bdffc890f0c0dae9e

    Michel FortinMichel Fortin8 months ago
  • Thanks. I find this mount is so friggin flimsy. I'm trying to install on a stone wall. I'll check it out.

    Michel FortinMichel Fortin8 months ago
  • This is very helpful ..... thank you for posting !

    Pico ChicaPico Chica8 months ago
  • Can i use the glue outside under a shelter?

    Flo JFlo JYear ago
    • Anywhere

      MrNORE14MrNORE14Year ago
  • *Absolutely awesome product!>>>**t.co/idhCTbOsFQ** I had all cameras installed and up and running in no time. No issues whatsoever! The only "con" I have is that I wish the distance from the interface unit to the camera was farther. I know it's advertised as 100 ft, and it really does that. I just have a need to cover out further. Well worth the money!*

    Meena NambiarMeena NambiarYear ago
  • This was extremely helpful for me; Thank you!

    Keelolo GeeKeelolo GeeYear ago
  • I ordered the Blink cams and my husband was screaming because he does not want to drill into the siding! Thank you for this solution. We have high winds here in NC. Is yours still holding up?

    GoneGirlGoneGirlYear ago
    • @MrNORE14 nevermind i read your response to another comment

      skylineskyline7 months ago
    • 2 years and still holding, no problems at all. Finally, had to go outside in June 2018 for cleaning and to replace batteries after 2 years.

      MrNORE14MrNORE14Year ago
    • Jasmine have had mine up for a month now, been through winds, hot temps and rain here in Chicago and it's holding strong, no movement whatsoever

      Joyful43Joyful43Year ago
  • Thank you for this video! I just took advantage of a sale at Amazon and bought the Blink cams and some Sugru! I subscribed to your channel too!

    Joyful43Joyful43Year ago
    • MrNORE14 I followed your instructions and my cam is holding up well!! Definitely the key to it working is bonding the mount with Sugru on it to the Sugru you put on siding first. It really works. Thanks again!!

      Joyful43Joyful43Year ago
    • Thank you, and your welcome.

      MrNORE14MrNORE14Year ago
  • Is the sugru still holding since you did this video? I ordered a blink xt and wanted to order the sugru too.

    V PV PYear ago
    • Still holding strong. Please follow directions.

      MrNORE14MrNORE14Year ago
  • Awesome thank you!

    Tot VidsTot VidsYear ago
  • You used one packet per camera correct?

    m0nkeym0nkeyYear ago
    • Yes, but it was too much. You can use less then one packet per camera.

      MrNORE14MrNORE14Year ago
  • Hi, is this still holding up ok for you? Thanks!

    m0nkeym0nkeyYear ago
    • MrNORE14 thanks so much for your reply! We're getting the security cameras this week and there is a 0% chance my husband would want to make holes in the siding, as you said. This is a great idea!!!!

      m0nkeym0nkeyYear ago
    • 1 year later still holding strong. Please follow directions on how to use.

      MrNORE14MrNORE14Year ago
  • This is very helpful! I’m trying to find an easy solution to mounting these cameras on my brick house and I think I’ve found it. Thank you!

    MzTBMzTBYear ago
    • Your Welcome.

      MrNORE14MrNORE14Year ago
  • Thank you for the Sugroo tip... I have my amazon order in.. will make mounting the camera much easier! ..

    itsstillfridayitsstillfridayYear ago
  • Great video. Thank you sir. I just bought two Blink cameras. I'll be buying the Sugru to adhere to my columns on my front porch. Thank you!

    Dee_LightfulDee_Lightful2 years ago
    • +Dee_Lightful the cameras are still holding strong. Great stuff.

      MrNORE14MrNORE142 years ago
  • Thanks for the video, I’m thinking of trying this on my Blink XT. How is it holding up so far?

    Nycg37Nycg372 years ago
    • +Nycg37 no problems at all. Still holding strong.

      MrNORE14MrNORE142 years ago
  • Why not use 3M exterior adhesive double faced tape. Very simple.

    Dennis KriebelDennis Kriebel2 years ago
    • Dennis Kriebel I have tried 3M outdoor. That was the first thing I purchased in Feb. when Blink XT came out. What worked for you did not work for me. Three days later my camera was on the grass. I'm just giving people another way to mount their cameras.

      MrNORE14MrNORE142 years ago
    • I have several items such as an exterior T/S sensor and an exterior garage door key pad that have been attached to our siding for years with no problem. www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Scotch-1-in-x-1-66-yds-Permanent-Double-Sided-Outdoor-Mounting-Tape-411DC-SF/100575385 is the product that I'm using. Give it a try. 3M is one of the best they're used extensively in the automotive repair shop market which I was involved in before retiring from a major coatings company.

      Dennis KriebelDennis Kriebel2 years ago
    • Tried it, camera was in the grass 3 days later. Sugru is all natural and bonds to itself like cement. much better then 3m tape and always works outdoors the first time.

      MrNORE14MrNORE142 years ago