How to Hide a Security Camera (Indoors or Outside)

Here are 7 unique ideas on how to hide a security camera in your home. Hiding a security camera can help prevent the camera from being stolen or smashed by a burglar.
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  • Who was able to spot one of our hidden cameras before we showed where it was? ✋ Thanks for watching! Comment below if you have another idea for hiding a security camera.

    Smart Home SolverSmart Home SolverYear ago
    • Sorry . was not a good idea at all

      Ray LondonRay LondonMonth ago
    • SD card issue? Try formatting it in NTFS format. Most SD cards no matter how much storage will only allow 4 gb at a time so reformat in NTFS.

      Mike KreenMike KreenMonth ago
    • Where to buy that mini cam tia

      Karlo SantosKarlo Santos11 months ago
    • Smart Home Solver how do I hide the cord?

      Ersula WilliamsErsula Williams11 months ago
    • Cool video man , thanks for the advice.

      Angel FigueroaAngel FigueroaYear ago
  • You want to see someone really freak out, catch their camera and confront them about it. I broke up with my fiance' because she had over 11 cameras hidden throughout our home. She constantly accused me of cheating on her, yet she never even once found any evidence of such. Basically a paranoid person who just screwed up her future. I figured it out because the cable/wifi was in my name and I could tell that a great deal of bandwith was being consumed by something even when the computer wasn't on. I thought a neighbour or someone was stealing our wifi. In the end we broke up and she took her prescious cameras with her. She kept trying to get me to come back, she kept promising she threw out all her cameras. She has a mental illness, and it wasn't getting any better.

    eric dietzeric dietzDay ago
  • I see you Little Focker lol

    AnndrezzzAnndrezzz7 days ago
  • For the ring indoor cam I used an old velvet jewelry case and cut a hole in it and stuck it on a shelf with other things to make it blend it. Works like a charm. Waiting for roommate to steal one more thing now that I have them installed and off to file a police report. She has stolen so much from myself and my kids. Well worth the money to buy these cameras. $60 on amazon. I got two and they are amazing! Even have night vision!

    TinkerginamamaTinkerginamama11 days ago
  • Hey I’m in search of a camera for my community garden I really want to catch a thief but I don’t want them stealing my camera any suggestions?

    Dwayne HarrisDwayne Harris13 days ago
  • Take my idea why don't you

    The Cooked PotatoThe Cooked Potato20 days ago
  • so he sees it, so what, his face is now on the cloud where he can't touch it.

    99% Perspiration99% Perspiration22 days ago
  • Cameras on the eaves are worthless. try to identify a crook by the top of his hat. Place them down low where the crooks crawl.

    99% Perspiration99% Perspiration22 days ago
  • Do th same video for a car

    Frozen ActorFrozen Actor26 days ago
  • How long the use battery lasts?

    Frozen ActorFrozen Actor26 days ago
  • Security camera in the tree. How do you keep power to it?

    ReyannaReyannaMonth ago
    • It’s an Arlo Pro, which uses a rechargeable battery

      Smart Home SolverSmart Home Solver29 days ago
  • I would love to pass gas right now 🥵

    This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZThis Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZMonth ago
  • It would be great if you could review some mini cams against each other, future video idea maybe?

    Shiv MShiv MMonth ago
  • WoW.. I love it How i get that Order Tire Peoples Break my Mother Trailer She 90 yr They Kill my Dog Poison Meat 🍖 Where you get it ? Little tiny Small Spy cam Radio Shack Whent out Busy Back years ago.. I like order that

    Robins HarrisRobins HarrisMonth ago
  • Was the tree the English Electric Tree a very handy source of electricity for your hidden cam, just plug it into one of the many branches for power.

    zondaintheairzondaintheairMonth ago
  • Buy this stuff. You can use it for SO many things. Mount cameras, hold remote controls, phones. Door stops. VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Fasteners | Stick-On Adhesive | Professional Grade Heavy Duty Strength Holds up to 10 lbs on Smooth Surfaces | Indoor Outdoor Use | 15ft x 2in Tape, Black

    Brian SingletaryBrian SingletaryMonth ago
  • so that small camera can you work it without the wifi? so it just records onto the card only and then review footage on a laptop?

    Carla MannonCarla Mannon2 months ago
  • Old stuffed animal. but I don't hace nor want to spend allot. The one Amazon from Chinanot magnetic cheap. No skin. No app, etc I think. Yours is big, mines, a mini no screws, etc. No idea hoe to mount hide etc in my messy of my place.

    Lily ValLily Val2 months ago
  • My house got robbed 2x. I'm out of options what to do next.

    one happyone happy2 months ago
    • one happy look at ways to stop them getting in

      Lee VardyLee Vardy2 months ago
  • Hi bro...what's the best spy cam for a car....??

    seriouslyscrappingseriouslyscrapping3 months ago
  • I want to buy some wyze sensors but You need the camera but I don't know what to do with the camera do you have any ideas and what is the range of the hub ?

    Tijl GysselsTijl Gyssels3 months ago
  • Congratulation for the video!

    rgb83rgb833 months ago
  • The tissue box is ok till your wife's single friend comes over crying about her bf leaving her.

    Why MeWhy Me4 months ago
  • The commerical for bear tooth is funny it's like the mister microphone in the 80's "Hey baby we`ll be back to pick you up later". The first question I would have if everyone has bear tooth then who am I going to be talking to.

    Why MeWhy Me4 months ago
  • I have a question: How can I mask my red light in the centre of the camera? It has only 1Lux but I want to ger rid of it for all.Is there any method that dont affect the camera recording process?

    ApexApex4 months ago
  • Why do you need to hide it comment

    LankkuLankku4 months ago
  • Maganda ung orasan

    Rolan RiveraRolan Rivera4 months ago
  • Maganda s bahay yan

    Rolan RiveraRolan Rivera4 months ago
  • My camera needs charger always. How do you charge it at those places?

    don90don904 months ago
  • Indoor hidden Wi-Fi cameras... You’re basically asking to guess star in Big Brother: Darkweb Edition. 😂 Don’t do it.

    DreamTwisterDreamTwister4 months ago