INDOOR Amcrest security camera left OUTSIDE for 8 MONTHS! Did it survive??

Around 8 months ago, I found a great deal on an INDOOR wi-fi security camera--only problem was, I needed it to work OUTSIDE. Check this video to see how the Indoor Amcrest ProHD Security Camera held up to the abuse!
**As a side note, I definitely don't recommend doing this with any non-outdoor-rated electronics. If you break yo shizz, don't blame me!
The Indoor camera:
The ACTUAL outdoor camera:
The camera I actually want:
__My Gear__
Camera: 5D Mark III
Drone: Phantom 3 Standard
On-Camera Mic: RODE Videomic
Voiceover Mic: Sterling Audio ST51
__Music Credits__
Special Spotlight Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License




  • I put one outside under an eave a few years ago - after about a year the PT of the PTZ stopped working. Picture is still great though.

    Ted FrymanTed Fryman24 days ago
  • Have the same camera outside under the eave on my garage been there for over 3 years no problems. Maybe you're glitching is due to your WiFi.

    Steven LynchSteven LynchMonth ago
  • Is there a problem with the camera mounted upside down ? Can you just flip the screen on the computer ?

    sean michaelssean michaels2 months ago
    • No issue, there’s an option in the app to flip the image

      Justin AdamsJustin Adams2 months ago
  • Justin, thanks for the update, can you tell me where you got the mounting bracket for mounting outside?AND also where did you plug the power adapter? outside or inside, if inside did you drill a hole in the wall to run the cable?Looking for ideas on how to setup mine.Thanks.

    William YoungWilliam Young4 months ago
    • Hey, William! Sorry about the late reply, but the mounting bracket actually comes with the camera. For wiring, I mounted mine near a window and just ran the wire indoors because it’s a rather thin wire and I’m also super not handy with electrical work lol

      Justin AdamsJustin Adams2 months ago
  • The fact that you actually did an update is why I'm subbing you. I'm surprised you don't have more stubs actually great video keep it up.

    Shawn HughesShawn Hughes4 months ago
  • How much recording time do you get on the SD card? Does it continually record and rewrite over it self?

    John TJohn T5 months ago
  • Great video, I plan to do the same thing. Using it outside, so it's nice to see someone have the same thought. I also own one of this camera using it inside for about a year. It is pretty stabled. It was on a wired connection where I monitor remotely. They just came out with the 4mp verison, I am thinking about that one... But I also heard the night vision is very slow on that... Anyways, good test, keep it up!

    sickegg2000sickegg2000Year ago
  • *_We use this as a baby monitor. Pretty easy to set up.>>>_****_ We attached it to the wall and we can see our sons whole room even though you can move the camera. I really like that o can zoom in to see him better._*

    Jennifer JenkinsJennifer JenkinsYear ago
  • You shouldn’t have all those lagging issues, if you hardwired your camera to NVR and eliminate the SD card. The NVR allows you to keep recoding longer than SD card.

    Sam KingSam KingYear ago
    • Truth. I’ve actually moved this camera to inside my chicken coop and bought dedicated weather sealed security cameras for outside my house. It was an interesting test though!

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago
  • If you take a mason jar and put the camera inside it will be as good as an outdoor camera.

    Mon SMon SYear ago
    • Giving me ideas for my next video haha

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago
  • Great video. i have 3 indoor amcrest cameras mounted under the eaves of my house for over a year and a half because i wanted the pan and tilt without the heavy price for an actual outdoor one. i had spoke to numerous amcrest reps and they agreed it would be fine. i live in the north east and they have been through blizzards noreasters and 100 degree days with zero problems. only problem is i think there app could be a little more user freindly.

    G KG KYear ago
    • Glad things are working out for you! It’s definitely an affordable options-and you are so right about the app. I have WiFi security cameras from other companies and no one has an app as clunky as Amcrest.

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago
  • my video is upside down, how did you flip the image?

    GodAtumGodAtumYear ago
    • In the app, there’s a tiny symbol that looks like two rectangles with arrows on the top and bottom. Tap that and it’ll take you to a menu where you can change the mirror options

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago
  • Hey Justin, thanks for doing this "test"! When you save video to the SD Card, is it continuous video recording, or just snap shots? Also, I noticed that you get "FREE" 4 hour cloud storage with 2 hours/month of live streaming. Does that mean that you can only have video access to your camera for 2 hours/month?

    reikasdadreikasdadYear ago
    • No problem! I have mine setup to only save video when it detects motion, but you can also set up a recording schedule so it can save video at a specific time, or 24/7 if you’re card has the capacity. As far as the cloud access, I’m not sure. When I got my cameras, they were offering something different.

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago
  • Same one, mines been outside from 0-100 degree weather rain sleet hail snow wind rain for over a year and it still works perfect

    David BiondoDavid BiondoYear ago
    • let me rephrase this, its been under an overhang but a little water will splash on it. im honestly surprised by its performance outside being an indoor camera.

      David BiondoDavid BiondoYear ago
  • It's about 40 to 50 feet .

    Jesse VasquezJesse VasquezYear ago
    • That’s odd for it to not be working. I’d call their tech support. Despite being a typical call center, they actually were really helpful when I ran into a connectivity issue trying to set up one of their cameras.

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago
  • Justin, I have the same camera and it's under a patio that not the problem but can you assist with connection of the Ethernet cable. I program it at my router location then when I install back in the patio it does not work. Unless I take it back and connect the Ethernet cable.?

    Jesse VasquezJesse VasquezYear ago
    • About how far away from your router is your patio?

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago
  • Thanks for posting this update. I just purchased the UltraHD 2k camera and wanted to get another one and try it outside. I wonder if the problems you eventually had where due to surface corrosion forming on the PCB and SD card terminals? Either way, for image quality the price of this camera is great. I may disassemble one to try and put a conformal coating on the PCB, and cover the rear panel somehow.

    check4twentycheck4twentyYear ago
    • Nice purchase! I definitely want to upgrade to the 2K. I’m hoping they’ll release a PTZ 4K camera soon. But yes, I’m thinking the elements contributed to some sort of corrosion because I didn’t cover anything when I put it outside. It was good while it lasted though. If you go through with adding a coating, you should definitely post something online and send me a link!

      Justin AdamsJustin AdamsYear ago