Man Caught On Camera Punching Woman Outside Venice Grocery Store

The woman met her attacker earlier in the day before being punched, police say. Tom Wait reports.




  • Sexist bullshit. If a dude got knocked out everyone would walk out of this guys way but nooo its a precious girl. So fuckin privelaged its not even funny

    Joey GegajJoey Gegaj12 hours ago
  • There is never any talk about what the woman does wrong. You know she started it, she was harassing the guy, and she made sure their were other people around to save her. I love that she got punched. I bet she wont run her mouth to a man again. This whole thing about women trying to act tough is hysterical. Act tough, get knocked out, then play the victim.

    Dandan61Dandan6112 hours ago
  • Go to 1:26 he brushes them off

    glojahboi DMGglojahboi DMGDay ago
  • That’s what happens when you can’t close your mouth and let it go. Females learn to shut your mouth. Unlikely, yea I know. Then it is what it is

    Jon OrnelasJon Ornelas2 days ago
  • Equal rights

    Stewie GriffinStewie Griffin3 days ago
  • Looks like she was following him

    Truth UnfoldedTruth Unfolded7 days ago
  • Hyper uppercut

    Phong DangPhong Dang8 days ago
  • That a POS needs to try that behind bars.

    vanilla beanvanilla bean9 days ago

    Raid area 51 With the boysRaid area 51 With the boys9 days ago
  • A local? Mexico or Panama

    marco contimarco conti10 days ago
  • Imagine if it was a women pushing a man

    Alfio playsAlfio plays10 days ago
  • 😂😂

    Spider-AntSpider-Ant11 days ago

    M DM D12 days ago
  • *- Finger in the face, big and bad in the store but a victim when she hit the floor* - If anyone wait for me outside of a store when in the store we had an argument, that's telling me that someone wants to fight!

    The softest part of a woman's breast is?The softest part of a woman's breast is?14 days ago
  • Maybe he's a transgendered man but lady inside.

    Tish BishTish Bish19 days ago
  • Deserves it. Nailed it. Good on you son.

    Boby8 Boby8Boby8 Boby821 day ago
  • Why do women always look like theyre getting hit by a truck when punched lmao

    KenziKenzi24 days ago
  • i wish i was there to punch that white kinght afterwards...

    Whos MoreWhos MoreMonth ago
  • What's the issue? If women knew their rolls then this stuff wouldn't happen.... sounds like preferred treatment instead of being equal..... this is the new wanted equality so quit your hitching.....

    who346who346Month ago
  • Very satisfying. Hope captain-save-a-ho got his ass kicked too.

    Ghost MGTOWGhost MGTOWMonth ago
  • Bitches get stitches

    Aaron FoxAaron FoxMonth ago
  • look at that punk....roid rage?

    Roy SmothersRoy SmothersMonth ago
  • Not news

    Franklin JacksonFranklin JacksonMonth ago
  • I think females need to shut up and use common sense and stop running their mouths to men trying to shame, disrespect, belittle and be nasty to men and you won't get knocked the fuck out!!!

    Speed Triple WarriorSpeed Triple WarriorMonth ago
  • Equality,lol😂

    Ryan NilRyan NilMonth ago
  • Liberal media ....... you don’t fool us

    Jimmy GilmoreJimmy GilmoreMonth ago
  • Stuff like that happens all the time around here........ This must be a very bad neighbourhood

  • Oh so if a man hits a women he go to jail but if a women hits a man she doesn't.

    Prince VegetaPrince VegetaMonth ago

    IGOR sIGOR sMonth ago
  • She's waiting for him outside, then starts following him. She's harassing him. If the genders were reversed they'd be interviewing the woman who 'defended' herself and singing her praises

    seanmftseanmftMonth ago