MiG-29 Edge of Space flight - Outside camera #3 - full length

Mikoyan MiG-29UB Fulcrum "Edge of Space" flight - to the stratosphere.
Learn more: tinyurl.com/fly-to-edge-of-space
This outside mounted camera filmed the whole flight.
Unfortunately that day was in early fall and rather warm, more than 15° C. So the jet couldn't climb that high as it usually does, 20km. Remember, Edge of Space flights are best in winter when the air is cold.
Here are the other perspectives:
Camera #1 ibofivofal.tk/video/xq2BsI-Kr5m7hms
Camera #2 ibofivofal.tk/video/ybefmaNu1cbdbJo




  • Hyperspace jump on Live Video Time Marker 25 minutes 44 seconds through Time Marker 25 minutes 49 seconds.

    Vladimir MotchoulskiVladimir Motchoulski3 years ago
  • Earth is really flat..the rest is CGI! Thank you for posting!

    shambiashinu87shambiashinu873 years ago
    • Yes! And women never lie...

      Delta FoxDelta Fox3 years ago
    • And it's full of bloody chemtrails out there

      shambiashinu87shambiashinu873 years ago
  • 16.7km

    Stephen HunterStephen Hunter3 years ago
  • Nice curvature at 12:00 ! Well done!

    Andrew ChernyshAndrew Chernysh3 years ago
    • +Waldemar Kronschnabel Exactly, Waldermar! They claim there is one. =)

      Andrew ChernyshAndrew Chernysh3 years ago
    • I Can't see any curvature, that's just the Fisheye Lens 🙃

      Waldemar KronschnabelWaldemar Kronschnabel3 years ago
  • Wow, that's beautiful. What is the little star visible from 11:27 to 13:04? Maybe the moon, but it is very small.

    cute puppycute puppy3 years ago
    • cute puppy Planet.

      Puffy LiciousPuffy Licious3 months ago
  • Spectacular! You rock guys! But how did you manage to mount the cameras there ...Vacuum mounts or something? Greetings from Bulgaria!

    Ivan MollovIvan Mollov3 years ago
    • +Ivan Mollov Oh no, more serious stuff needed. There is actually a post on our Facebook page that shows the "making off"

      MiGFlugMiGFlug3 years ago
  • Amazing!!! MiGFlug you seriously kick ass!

    Masaharu MorimotoMasaharu Morimoto4 years ago
    • +Masaharu Morimoto thanks!

      MiGFlugMiGFlug4 years ago