MiG-29 Edge of Space flight - Outside camera #1 - full length

Mikoyan MiG-29UB Fulcrum "Edge of Space" flight - to the stratosphere.
Learn more: tinyurl.com/fly-to-edge-of-space
This outside mounted camera filmed the whole flight.
Unfortunately that day was in early fall and rather warm, more than 15° C. So the jet couldn't climb that high as it usually does, 20km. Remember, Edge of Space flights are best in winter when the air is cold.
Here are the other perspectives:
Camera #2 ibofivofal.tk/video/ybefmaNu1cbdbJo
Camera #3 ibofivofal.tk/video/sJmbyqiap9nge6o




  • 7:59 perfectly Flat horizon , aka you guys are using a fish eye lens

    FlatEarth AlaskaFlatEarth Alaska23 days ago
  • “How are yuu?”

    Armando SalgadoArmando Salgado8 months ago
  • Absolutely beautiful..

    Jagadeesh babuJagadeesh babuYear ago
  • Even if you weren’t labeled a flat Earther or a Globehead, how could you not see that this was obviously a fucking fish eye lens??? Before you start attacking or giving your “proofs”, realize it’s a fucking fish eye!!! People. Fuck

    RikPatrik 7RikPatrik 7Year ago

    waltonwayaugustawaltonwayaugusta2 years ago
  • It is amazing how u can see both the sun and the moon just hanging there, and I just realized the sun and the moon is not that far away like we've been told & taught man oh man the Bible is True.

    AntimousAntimous2 years ago
  • A great video, shame about the flat earth morons who decided to comment !!

    Bad RobotBad Robot2 years ago
    • That's a fish eye lens you realize that right?

      Dan FlewellingDan Flewelling2 years ago
  • AWESOME VIDEO. I wish I could do that

    A pA p3 years ago
    • +TRY again512 migflug.com 😉

      MiGFlugMiGFlug3 years ago
  • the same flight? it is a completely new side of these flight. the moment were you go at M1.5! sonic boom and the view about the earth. i am little bit jealous of the pilot :) beautiful thanks for sharing your flight :)

    Valentina SValentina S3 years ago
  • i flew with plane at above 8000m and no curve could been seen, even there is a video with a baloon im 33km and no curve appears, this is worst fake ever

    Milan InterMilan Inter3 years ago
    • flat earth believer owned

      Nicolas BauerNicolas Bauer2 years ago
    • +Milan Inter we fly at up to 20km, not 8. it is a lense with a fisheye effect, not a fake. And yes, you can see the curvature up there. Want to try? Full refund if you can't see the curvature 😉

      MiGFlugMiGFlug3 years ago
  • 07:05 - " [Mach 1] _"...This is my dream come true"_. ==> I bet it is. Must have been truly unforgettable.

    corisco tupicorisco tupi3 years ago
    • +corisco tupi oh yes 😉

      MiGFlugMiGFlug3 years ago
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    phouvan vihaphatphouvan vihaphat3 years ago
  • Why mist of people only take in consideration the horizon line to be curved, but since we live on a supposed "ball" all the way to the horizon should have the same amount of curvature. But we never observe that. REAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES EARTH IS FLAT AND SPACE AND SATELLITES DON'T EXIST! GOOGLE 4 IT! BUT ATTENTION: YOU CAN NOT OVERCOME A LIFETIME OF INDOCTRINATION IN A FEW MINUTES OF FLAT EARTH RESEARCH. PLEASE GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH. BUT YOU'LL HAVE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE AND PAIN TO ACCEPT TO HAVE OTHERS LET LIE TO YOU.... IT TAKES SOME MONTHS!

    FunkybrainFunkybrain3 years ago
    • You need help from mental health professionals. Asap.

      MackPMackPYear ago
    • You understand the camera in this video is using a fish eye lens, right? It curves both ways in this video depending on the angle.

      Dan FlewellingDan Flewelling2 years ago
    • Fuck off you nob!!

      Bad RobotBad Robot2 years ago
    • *+Funkybrain* - You are an idiot.

      corisco tupicorisco tupi3 years ago
  • Gyroscopes and compasses wouldn't work on a sphere shaped earth. Under the equator, a compass needle (north) would tend to point to the ground. This disproves the ball earth theory!

    FunkybrainFunkybrain3 years ago
  • 19:50-19:57 some cool barrel rolls; the fisheye lens is VERY apparent because when the plane is upside-down, the horizon is CONCAVE

    Ma BoMa Bo3 years ago
    • Yeah, you're right. But the Earth is still not flat...

      cristi1990ancristi1990an3 years ago
  • 10:30-10:55 wow the horizon is all of a sudden curved where the horizon was flat seconds ago?

    Ma BoMa Bo3 years ago
    • Fish eye and wide angle lenses do distort the picture! Once that the horizon is on eyelevel it appears flat,if it goes up horizon will bend convex and the other way around under eyelevel you'll see convex curveball horizon...

      FunkybrainFunkybrain3 years ago
    • +Ma Bo Can't you see it was going upwards right before?

      cristi1990ancristi1990an3 years ago
    • then magic wand is waved by the plane dipping to the left, and when it relevels itself, the Earth is magically bent!

      Ma BoMa Bo3 years ago
    • you saw that right? it's difficult to see the transition because the plane is in the way, but you can see the glow of the horizon stretching from left of screen to the right with no discernable arc (the horizon looks level even with the plane in the way)

      Ma BoMa Bo3 years ago
  • I think that even if a Flat earthers will be able to get a ride on this plane and see the curvature for itself , he probably said that he was drug and will want his money back.

    Tau Ceti AlphaTau Ceti Alpha3 years ago
  • Proof the sun is a flat disk. ;D

    Jax PokJax Pok3 years ago
  • And this is why I dream to be a fighter pilot.

    Press START GamingPress START Gaming3 years ago
  • Why did he "Touch and go" at the end ? Failed landing attempt ? Nice video.

    ᴀʟꜱᴄуᴏᴍᴀʟꜱᴄуᴏᴍ3 years ago
  • Weird speed readings: Mach 1.5, 970km/h. Mach 1.5 = 510 m/s = 510*3.6 = 1836 km/h. Am I missing something?

    Andy MAndy M3 years ago
    • Mach 1 is equal to the speed of sound. But, sound travels at different speeds at different altitudes. So mach 1 is not always the same speed. Mach number is calculated when you divide speed of an aircraft with the speed of the sound at a given altitude. Also, as temperature affects sound speed you have to take that into account as well. Aircraft instruments thou usually ignore it and work based on an air pressure differential. For example, sound speed decrease with height up to aprox 11km, but once you pass 20km it starts to increase again due to rise in temperature. (11-20km varies a lot due to instability in air composition and temperature)

      ThillithThillith3 years ago
    • Mach also depends on pressure (then altitude) and temperature. But those readings are indeed a bit strange

      ᴀʟꜱᴄуᴏᴍᴀʟꜱᴄуᴏᴍ3 years ago
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    metubepick2008metubepick20083 years ago
  • Please next time take a chase plane with camera ;-)

    cactus breathcactus breath3 years ago
  • 55k is ceiling on that pos ?

    Tim SullivanTim Sullivan3 years ago
  • Nice flight.

    UKvitaUKvita3 years ago
  • What location was the video shot at?

    sjzureksjzurek3 years ago
    • @Zeno Kellermann The airfield is the one at 56.318856, 43.795538. If you freeze the video at 26:45, you will recognize features at the end of the taxiway, parked airplanes, as well as terrain features, footpaths on the grass, etc.

      corisco tupicorisco tupi3 years ago
    • They take off from the military airfield near the lake though

      Zeno KellermannZeno Kellermann3 years ago
    • Good catch! The airport is at 56.318856, 43.795538

      corisco tupicorisco tupi3 years ago
    • and the airfield with a long lake near it can be found at 56.668088,43.412084

      Zeno KellermannZeno Kellermann3 years ago
    • ca 11 min you can see the mouth of a river at 56.668088,43.412084

      Zeno KellermannZeno Kellermann3 years ago
  • Boo, fish eye lense garbage

    Bush WookieBush Wookie3 years ago
  • money shot at 10.42

    GsterfunkGLA82GsterfunkGLA823 years ago
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