MiG-29 Edge of Space flight - Outside camera #2 - full length

Learn more: tinyurl.com/fly-to-edge-of-space
Mikoyan MiG-29UB Fulcrum "Edge of Space" flight - to the stratosphere. Watch the contrails from 12:40!
Learn more: tinyurl.com/fly-to-edge-of-space
This outside mounted camera filmed the whole flight.
Unfortunately that day was in early fall and rather warm, more than 15° C. So the jet couldn't climb that high as it usually does, 20km. Remember, Edge of Space flights are best in winter when the air is cold.
Here are the other perspectives:
Camera #1 ibofivofal.tk/video/xq2BsI-Kr5m7hms
Camera #3 ibofivofal.tk/video/sJmbyqiap9nge6o
Outside Videos by Artur Sarkisyan




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    Ronald JoeRonald Joe15 days ago
  • Absolutely amazing video. I have no words. Thank you.

    Eric Kabbar-DucrocqEric Kabbar-Ducrocq19 days ago
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    hype Philippines mapperhype Philippines mapper21 day ago
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    Orrin PhillipsOrrin Phillips3 months ago
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      Jai ReyJai Rey3 months ago
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    Rocky Downs IIRocky Downs II11 months ago
  • Hi MiGFlug, why did you stop offering these flights? Thank you

    Neo MatrixNeo Matrix11 months ago