Outside Camera Stolen!

8/24/15 at 8:46am, someone decides to bicycle bast my house (a few times) and swipes my camera. Not sure if they knew it was recording but yeah, it was.
I've already submitted a police report to Fremont PD but if anyone has any info on who did this petty crime, post in the comments below. And who knows, maybe Josh Boyce of the Cleveland Browns really liked the Nestcam!




  • What’s the point of them stealing?? Stupid idiots

    Bb BbBb Bb3 months ago
  • He points to it as he rides by it.

    Glenn BakerGlenn Baker11 months ago
  • It was too low

    Alex GuevaraAlex Guevara11 months ago
  • So sad.😟

    Yaretzi & ZiriYaretzi & ZiriYear ago
  • Ever get any updates on this piece of shit?

    TrionBulldogTrionBulldogYear ago