Violent, Racist Rant Outside WeHo Grocery Store Caught On Camera

The victim says she was studying and listening to music around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday when a man sitting at the next table started saying derogatory things to her.




  • Call the cops ..

    boston babeboston babe54 minutes ago
  • Drunk in public what the hell did she just say the sheriff say if she comes back and do it again he will be arrested for being drunk..what do that mean and why aren't they looking for him for an attempt to assaulting and race intimidation not to mention the more serious hate crime..they suppose to be looking for his ass not waiting to see if he comes back..I'm sure this wadnt his first time doing that specially the public drinking race intimidation...some one needs to contact the assistant prosecutors office and file an official complaint right?

    Ceecee BulletCeecee BulletDay ago
  • It’s fine he is white!

    P FMP FMDay ago
  • Crystal meth & opioids is a hell of a drug

    duane stewartduane stewartDay ago
  • They won't do anything to this punk he's white

    Jim DandyJim DandyDay ago
  • Mama Said Knock You Out

    Julius AdamsJulius Adams2 days ago
  • BTW Angela you are a very classy looking black women don't let evil miserable people like him steal your joy you are better than that you are a true child of God

    Julius AdamsJulius Adams2 days ago
  • Nah he wasn’t drunk ,this typical white person hobbies

    Bee RichBee Rich3 days ago
  • Oh and it’s only black women with an attitude??? But when we are the target... or when other Nonblack female or other categories of people have worse attitudes and are angry it’s OK!! It’s so stupid .....anyone of Any group can have a bad attitude!!

    Traci AMTraci AM5 days ago
  • I would have punched him in the throat

    kane ashbykane ashby5 days ago
  • Stand your ground

    Terry HarperTerry Harper6 days ago
  • Two things...why didn't he try to hit the guy with the pipe and second in Texas that's aggravated assault with a deadly weapon also if do that to a person with a permit to carry it could cost him his life.

    Anthony DavisAnthony Davis6 days ago
  • Damnn. Look at that eh?. The man hate blks like the hate the devil have for holy water πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!.

    Robert CampbellRobert Campbell6 days ago
  • Racist or not doesn't matter you got one shot at living, if your life is threatened you have to protect yourself first.

    Bob JonesBob Jones7 days ago
  • He probably missed his dose of XANAX πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    G MONEYG MONEY7 days ago
  • Why nobody beat the crab out him?

    Mary EscobarMary Escobar7 days ago
  • 1st Amendment Rights! And it's never just someone blows up. There's always a antagonist!

    Ryan PolakRyan Polak8 days ago
  • I would had nock his ass out and say I was fear for my life

    Darrin GrateDarrin Grate8 days ago
  • To my sistahs...,go out and purchase a self defense product called "Pepper Spray" and use it on pieces of sh*t like this....

    Yohadji Tareem BeyYohadji Tareem Bey8 days ago
  • I don't think he like African American people 😯 Grumpy old man πŸ‘Ž

    kokizagkokizag9 days ago
  • If that was me..I would have shot him! That simple!

    Erika GuzmanErika Guzman9 days ago
  • Keep voting for CHUMP

    Charles RiveraCharles Rivera9 days ago
  • We need to stop being tolerant of These types of crazy people and just beat the shit out of them. I sick of this

    rydiggitydogrydiggitydog9 days ago
  • Racial tensions at an all time high because of forced diversity is a good thing right?

    Step TartStep Tart9 days ago
  • Time put him in nursing home he is dangerous

    j cj c9 days ago
  • Assault with deadly weapon

    j cj c9 days ago
  • So the newly added defense for racism is alcoholism...??!!

    Ws BjWs Bj9 days ago
  • First think came to mind already commented on a bunch, IF HE DOES IT AGAIN? White privilege is a mfr.

    Fredrich OshunrindeFredrich Oshunrinde9 days ago
  • Lol short guys lol

    Dustin HolnessDustin Holness9 days ago
    • Ikr?

      ????6 days ago
  • It's no wonder these hate crimes are on the increase if the cops won't even arrest the white perpetrators doing this. This dude had a metal pipe which he swung including throwing a chair at the woman not forgetting the racist rant and the video evidence. If this was a non-white especially a black man, as soon as the metal pipe came out and started swinging he would of been swarmed by cops. Probably shot in the process too. Hypocrite double standard KKK nazi police officers, this video is absolute proof...

    3533mo3533mo9 days ago